This heavy duty hydrostatic truck scale weighs off-road vehicles with axle loads exceeding 150,000 pounds

The Sand, Gravel, Aggregate, Mining, and Asphalt Industries are among the harshest environments for scales and weighing equipment. Thousands of electronic load cells in Truck Scales and Railroad Track Scales are replaced every year at high cost.

Hydrostatic load cells from
Emery Winslow are the answer!

We have installed Hydrostatic Truck scales for such Industry leaders as Vulcan, Martin Marrietta, Hanson, New Castle, Rogers Group, Tilcon, Colas Group, Florida Rock, Anderson Columbia, and many others across the country. We have scales at a Martin Marrietta facility that have held their calibration for more than 10 years, with no adjustments needed! We are also the proud winner of the Vulcan Silver Supplier Award, for 4 years in a row! We even had an entire asphalt silo emptied onto our scale, and not a single load cell was lost.

Hydrostatic load cells are non-electronic, and totally immune to failure from Lightning, water, rodents, power surges, and more. Please read below for more information. Emery Winslow has truck scales of every shape and size, for pit installations or above grade, steel deck or concrete, with unique cleaning features. We can build scales for your heavy off-road vehicles as well (see photo #6 on home page).Please read below, to see how well we know the scale challenges of your industry:

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What are the primary reasons for electronic load cell failure in Quarry, Sand and Gravel yard, or Asphalt plant?

1. Lightning strikes.

2. Water from flooding or high pressure wash down.

3. Cable damage from Rodents.

4. Physical abuse and damage.

5. Corrosion from water, solvents, acids, municipal and residential waste.

6. Power surges, voltage spikes, welding currents.

7. Loading spikes from Tamping devices.

Because of these harsh realities, electronic truck scales often need load cells replaced, and often need costly calibration adjustments by outside service companies. Besides the cost of the replaced load cell, and the recalibrations, there is a heavy cost in down-time, while your scale is waiting to be repaired or re-certified by the State Weights and Measures. Only Hydrostatics can eliminate these costs!

What is the solution?
Hydrostatic load cells from Emery Winslow! Hydrostatic load cells are totally non-electronic, and are vastly superior to electronic load cells. The Advantages and benefits are remarkable:

1. Hydrostatic load cells are non-electronic, and therefore totally immune to failure from lightning strikes, power surges, voltage spikes, static charges, welding currents, as well as effects from EMI and RFI interference. Electronic load cells are vulnerable to all these elements. Hydrostatics are even guaranteed for 15 years against failure from lightning damage, particularly on outdoor tanks, and vehicle scales. Click here for more information about lightning in your area:  Lightning.

2. Hydrostatic load cells are totally immune to failure from water or high pressure wash down. They will even operate indefinitely totally submerged. They are not just water "resistant" but actually immune. They surpass the claims of "hermetic seals", Nema 4X ratings, and IP-68 ratings. Truck scales are often the low point on your property, and an ideal place for water to accumulate and collect. Hydrostatics can handle it, and we even encourage direct blast of all our Hydrostatic load cells with power washers or fire hoses! We guarantee them for 15 years against failure from water. Click here for a photo of a Model 136 Hydrostatic load cell being washed down with a fire hose.

3. Hydrostatic load cells are fully constructed of grade 304 stainless steel, and therefore are far more resistant to corrosion from water and other caustic fluids.Electronic load cells cannot be made from grade 304 stainless steel, and therefore sometimes are given a thin outer shell of grade 304 stainless steel, which can be easily damaged or punctured, thereby exposing the electronic circuitry to moisture damage. Hermetic seals have limited life, and often only protect the strain gage area, leaving the cable entry unprotected. Click here to see a side by side comparison of the insides of an electronic and hydrostatic load cell. Don’t put such vulnerable electronics under your scale platform.

4. Hydrostatic load cells have no vulnerable cables that can be easily nicked or damage, thereby allowing water to wick into the strain gage area, and cause load cell failure. Our tubing lines are heavy wall capillary tubing, grade 316 stainless steel, and are almost impossible to break or penetrate. Call us for a free sample!

5. Physical abuse can damage any load cell, if it is severe enough. Hydrostatic load cells have a reputation for being bullet proof, and can withstand far more shocks and abuse than electronic load cells. Most of our load cells have an overload safety factor of 200% or more.

6. Hydrostatic load cells have a proven history of holding their calibration as much as 10 times longer than electronic load cells. Many of our scales have been in use for 5 years, even 10 years or more under heavy usage, and have never needed a calibration adjustment!No electronic scale can make that claim. No scale company can guarantee calibration, but our track record is unsurpassed. Give us a call, and we will explain why this is so. 1-800-891-3952

7. Because Hydrostatic load cells are totally non-electronic, they are the only load cells that are completely safe for highly explosive areas, including Class 1 Division 1 areas, without the need for safety barriers. Our summing device can be remotely located in a safe area, thus eliminating all electronic components from the hazardous area!

Trade Secrets:

It is sad fact that our competitors enjoy a huge spare parts business, selling replacement load cells and summing boards.Emery Winslow also sells thousands of electronic load cells every year to various industries, but we don't recommend them for truck scales, because of their vulnerability to the harsh environmental factors listed above. You may pay a little extra for Hydrostatics, but your cost of ownership will drop dramatically, and your down time could be virtually eliminated.

Please click on our Truck Scales products pages, to see our Flattop, Hyweigh, and Genesis truck scale models. See Track Scales for our twin bridge, full bridge, and low profile railroad track scales. Remember that we also have a full line of Floor Scales, Bench Scales, and Tank/Hopperscales. We can fulfill all your weighing requirements.Take a moment to read some of our great testimonials, and read some articles that have been published in various trade journals.If you have questions, or want to discuss your particular application challenges, just give us a call. 1-800-891-3952. We will be glad to give you some ideas, and a no-obligation budget quote.


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