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21 Advantages of Hydrostatic Load Cells vs. Electronic Load Cells
Water: Emery Winslow provides a LIFETIME WARRANTY against water damage on the hydrostatic cells. They will operate indefinitely under water. Steam, wash down, condensation and humidity have no effect. These conditions will cause electronic load cells to fail, sooner or later.
Lightning & Power Surges: Emery Winslow provides a LIFETIME WARRANTY against damage from lightning or electrical abuse. Emery Winslow hydrostatic load cells are totally unaffected by electrical surges, power failures, stray voltages or lightning strikes. Electronic load cells are highly susceptible to these common industrial occurrences and are often damaged, requiring replacement. Outdoor tank scales or truck scales often lose all load cells from a lightning strike, even with surge protectors.
Accuracy: Emery Winslow scales achieve a high level of accuracy, often above and beyond standards of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Handbook H-44. Sustained and repeatable accuracy of 1/100 of 1 percent have been supplied on scales with capacities up to 10,000 lbs... and up.
Corrosion: Hydrostatic load cells are available in grade 304 and 316 stainless, with improved life and performance over the more common aluminum and carbon steel. Most electronic load cells are made of nickel plated tool steel, or at best, 17-4PH grade stainless steel, which is far less corrosion resistant than 304/316. Many electronic load cell manufacturers avoid stainless steel completely because their performance deteriorates.
Warranty: No one can match the quality of the Emery Winslow LIFETIME hydrostatic load cell warranty; Lifetime against water, electrical surge and lightning damage In addition, up to ten (10) years warranty against defects in workmanship or damage from normal wear and tear. Normally an electronic load cell will carry a two (2) year warranty, with no warranty against water or electrical surge damage. Some electronic load cell scale manufacturers offer an extended electronic load cell warranty by offering an annual insurance policy which must be renewed (and paid for) every year.
Explosion Areas: Emery Winslow scales are the only absolutely safe scales on the market. Emery Winslow load cells are non-electric and completely explosion proof. Electronic load cells are electrical devices with cables which are susceptible to accidents, even when used with safety barriers. Emery Winslow can also provide totally hydrostatic scales with analog dial indicators, requiring no electrical power at all, no cables, no barriers. Intrinsically safe digital indicators are available with all Emery Winslow scales.
Durability: Emery Winslow Hytronic scales are the most durable scales made. They can last for decades with no parts replacement.Mechanical scales require periodic replacement of pivots .and bearings. Electronic load cells will have to be replaced numerous times over the useful life of the scale.Divide and Conquer! In the harsh, abusive, soaking wet areas, or areas where lightning will occur, place the electronic instrumentation in a safe environmentally neutral area. The result - greatly improved reliability and durability.
Field Welding: Emery Winslow load cells are unaffected by surges from arc welding. Electronic load cells are highly susceptible to permanent damage from welding activity and must usually be removed from the structure to avoid electrical surge damage.
RFI and EMI Protection: Emery Winslow load cells are totally immune to the highest levels of RFI or EMI (electronic noise). Electronic load cells are easily affected by such emissions and, as a result, deteriorate over time.
Special Materials: Emery Winslow hydrostatic load cells can be manufactured out of many special alloys, with no loss of accuracy. They are available in aluminum, 304 stainless, 316 stainless, titanium, monel, even hastelloy and teflon. Electronic cells require a certain hardness, and therefore can only be made with aluminum, steel, or 17-4PH stainless, which are less corrosion resistant.
Temperature: Emery Winslow hydrostatic load cells are available with a 500 degree operating range, from -50 degrees F to 450 degrees F. Electronics operate at less than half this range. The adhesives used in electronic cells deteriorate in high temperatures and become brittle in cold temperatures, causing total failure or inaccurate readings, frequently resulting in load cell replacement.
Tare to Net-Ratios: Emery Winslow Hytronic scales are ideally suited for high tare and low net applications. Our, unique totalizing device has the capability to maximize millivolt signal strength, based upon total load, not individual cell load capacity. Electronic load cells must be sized to maximum load, frequently resulting in weak signal strength; sometimes too weak to operate a digital indicator with the desired number of increments.
Field Repairable: Many Emery Winslow hydrostatic load cells are easily field repairable on site by an average technician. Electronic cells have to be rebuilt at special repair shops, at substantial cost. They cannot be repaired in the field and most frequently require total replacement.
Shock Loading: Emery Winslow hydrostatic load cells have a natural inherent quality of shock absorption. Electronic load cells have no inherent energy absorbing qualities. In the event of severe shock loading resulting in load cell damage, the Emery Winslow load cell can be easily repaired! (See Advantage #13) An electronic load cell would need to be replaced.
Sensitivity: Testing at the National Institute of Standards and Technology reported Emery Winslow hydrostatic load cell sensitivity to be three (3) parts per million. A 30,000 lb. Emery Winslow hydrostatic load cell can sense 0.09 lbs.
High Capacity: Emery Winslow hydrostatic load cells have been manufactured with capacities over 1 million lbs. In fact, a 12 million pound load cell has been operating in a testing machine at the National Institute of Standards and Technology since 1968. In addition, high capacity hydrostatic load cells require a minimum expense in mounting hardware, while the hardware for high capacity electronic load cells can cost more than the cell itself and often must be made of specially hardened steel.
Calibration: In the unlikely event that an Emery Winslow hydrostatic load cell ever needs to be replaced, the scale seldom needs to be recalibrated. Hydrostatic load cells with identical acting areas have matched outputs, whereas electronic load cells have variations in millivolt output, requiring the scale to be recalibrated whenever a load cell is replaced.
Rodents: Emery Winslow tubing is as rodent proof as you can get, and no expensive sheathing is required. Rodents do love to chew on electronic load cell cables, causing,,extensive damage and cell replacements. The cost of recalibration can exceed the cost of the load cell.
During Installation: Emery Winslow hydrostatic load cells are "dead" until activated with fluid. Therefore, the cell is almost impossible to damage during installation. While electronic load cells frequently require "dummy" load cells during installation, hydrostatic load cells never do. An electronic load cell is live" from the time it leaves the factory. It can easily be damaged beyond repair by being dropped, when placed under a tank leg, overloaded, left exposed to weathering, etc. Many are replaced before ever being used!
Customization: Emery Winslow has the ability to modify and adapt its product for special applications to suit specific customer problems. Special load cells, enclosures, controls, platforms, and structures can be provided on a custom basis. Need a scale which will always be submerged in liquid? Are chemicals eating up the existing load cells? Are temperatures in the plant process measured in hundreds of degrees? Are tons of material dropped onto the scale? Call or fax us if you have special requirements.
Cost of Ownership: With all these advantages, it should be easy to see that scales with Hydrostatic load cells have the lowest cost of ownership of any scale on the market today. They don't cost you money, rather they make you more profitable by dramatically reducing downtime and repair costs.


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