Pennsylvania Scale
Lifetime Hydrostatic™ Load Cell Guarantee!

Railroad Track Scale Series RR60SP                      
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(Steel Deck - Full Pit)
Full Bridge

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Emery Winslow Railroad Track Scales load cells are not effected by lightning strikes because we use Hydrostatic load cells which are immune to the effects from lightning, this makes the Emery Winslow Railroad Track Scales the most efficient scales in the world. Emery Winslow Scale Company has been building railroad track scales since 1896 and Hydrostatic load cells since 1868, we have a lot of experience and plenty of satisfied customers to back up our reputation and warranty.

Features Provides containment for chemical spills
NTEP approved legal for trade
Hydrostatic load cell capacity 200,000 lbs
Cooper E-80 loadings
Ready to receive 115 lb AREA rail
Fabreeka Shock Pads
Bulkhead approach coping
Coping channel or deck panels
Rail clips
 Options Printers, computers and software programs
Approach steel package
Warranty Hydrostatic load cells are guaranteed against damage from water, flooding, high pressure
     washdown, lightning, welding currents, power surges, RFI/EMI and even rodents.
Hydrostatic 136 load cells are warranty for 5 years against defects in materials and workmanship 
2 year warranty on all other components against defects in materials and workmanship
Sizes (ft)  Capacity (ton)
60 360
66 360
72 360
80 360
Accuracy - .1%
Temperature range:  -20 to 400F