A killer whale slides up on a 9 by 15 foot platform designed to hold up to 40,000 pounds.
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The Emery Winslow Scale Company has been in the business of manufacturing Hydrostatic Load Cells for 141 years, since 1868. The heavy capacity division of the Emery Winslow Scale Company has been fabricating floor scales, tank systems, truck scales and railroad track scales for over 113 years, since 1896. No other company in the world has the engineering experience and manufacturing resources to provide you with the best, most durable, high quality designed Hydrostatic Load Cell scales and systems as the Emery Winslow Scale Company. Scales & Systems designed by Emery Winslow Scale with Hydrostatic Load Cells have a unique advantage, 21 advantages, over electronic load cells for the following reasons: 

Hydrostatic Load Cells are –

  • non-electronic
  • guaranteed not to fail from the effects of water, high pressure washdown, humidity, condensation, flooding. They even operate underwater.
  • guaranteed not to fail from the effects of lightning, surge currents, welding currents, RFI/EMI. They do not have electrical cables that can be easily damaged or eaten on by rodents.
  • explosion proof.
  • manufactured out of special materials such as 304/316 stainless steel, titanium, monel, hastelloy and Teflon for hazardous areas.
  • accurate to within 1 part in 60,000
  • sensitive to within 3 parts in 1,000,000. A 30,000 lb Hydrostatic Cell can sense .09 lbs.
  • capable of high capacity. The largest Hydrostatic Load Cell is 12 million lbs.
  • capable of with standing shock loads
  • capable of operating in a 500 degree F range, from -50 degrees F to 450 degrees F


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