Pennsylvania Scale
Lifetime Hydrostatic™ Load Cell Guarantee!


"Our sanitation crew hoses down with 160 degree water at up to 600 PSI. In my 30 yrs in the meat industry, I have not seen electronic scales function very well, or for very long, under those conditions. We were always losing load cells, and having problems getting good weight readings" Jim McConnell, Plant Manager for ODOM'S TENNESSEE PRIDE. "Water is our worst enemy, and the scales were a major source of headaches. The Hydrostatic scales have significantly changed the focus of the things we would fight on a daily basis. Our scale issues have disappeared, and it has definitely helped us improve our process. A lot of that previous effort spent on scale problems now goes into making good products for our customers" Frank Howell, Director of Manufacturing Development, ODOM'S TENNESSEE PRIDE

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Low Profile, Pit, Assisted and Auto-Lift Decks

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

A superior scale with a superior warranty. Indoor/outdoor floor scales with Hydrostatic Load Cells that have a lifetime guarantee against water and lightning. Low profile above ground platform scales with gas assist cylinders to allow easy lifting for heavy USDA cleaning requirements. Shallow pit scales with gas assist cylinders or automatic air cylinders to auto-lift the heavy duty deck plates. Stainless Steel construction. Lowest cost of ownership. Lowest maintenance. Built and designed for long life and highest performance

  • Non-electronic Hydrostatic Load Cells
  • Hydrostatic load cells have a Lifetime Guarantee against water, heavy washdown, lightning, power surges, welding currents, RFI/EMI and stray electrical surges.
  • Designed for USDA and HACCP use
  • 3 types of removable deck plates for cleaning
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction, even the Hydrostatic load cell is 304 SS.
  • Rugged S.S. tubular steel construction
  • Low Profile and Shallow Pit designs
  • Custom sizes and capacities, consult factory
  • No electronics in the floor scale offers explosion-proof without barriers.
Floor Scale Model 708
Low Profile - 3.75" High

Floor Scale Model 709/710

Pit Scale