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Lifetime Hydrostatic™ Load Cell Guarantee!
Industrial Railroad Track Scales

Exxon Mobil Chemical
Gary Gilmore, plant manager at Exxon Chemical says "We really like our Hydrostatic railroad scale that we've had since 1989. This scale operates under extreme corrosive conditions, yet it has been the most reliable scale we have" Hydrostatic load cells are available in materials that will not corrode in corrosive applications where chemicals, salts, acids and oils are present.

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Low Profile, Above Ground, Shallow Pit
and Full Bridge Deep Pit

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Emery Winslow Railroad Track Scales load cells are not effected by lightning strikes because we use Hydrostatic load cells which are immune to the effects from lightning, this makes the Emery Winslow Railroad Track Scales the most efficient scales in the world. Emery Winslow Scale Company has been building railroad track scales since 1896 and Hydrostatic load cells since 1868, we have a lot of experience and plenty of satisfied customers to back up our reputation and warranty.

  • Hydrostatic load cells have a Lifetime Guarantee against the effects of lightning, welding currents, surge voltages, RFI/EMI, water, flooding.
  • Hydrostatic load cells are non-electronic, so there's not even electrical cables for rodents to chew on.
  • Hydrostatic load cells are made of 304 Stainless Steel
  • Hydrostatic load cell capacities of 100,000 lbs and 200,000 lbs
  • Hydrostatic load cells inherently resist shock and vibration
  • Hydrostatic load cells have a 5 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship
  • Hydrostatic load cells are mounted directly beneath the rails, this feature eliminates errors and assures accuracy and long life of the scale
  • A.R.E.A. structural approved for railroad use
  • NTEP approved for legal for trade applications
  • Meets Cooper E-80 loadings
  • Come standard for safe for use in hazardous areas
                                                   Railroad Track Scale Series RR60AG
(Above Ground)

Single and Twin Bridge - Low Profile
                                                   Railroad Track Scale Series RR60SP
(Shallow Pit)

Single and Twin Bridge - Shallow Pit 
  Railroad Track Scale Series RR60SD
(Steel Deck - Full Pit)

Full Bridge - Full Pit 

  Railroad Combo Truck & Track Scale Series
RR60COMBO SD/CD (Steel/Concrete Deck - Full Pit)

Full Bridge - Full Pit