Pennsylvania Scale
Lifetime Hydrostatic™ Load Cell Guarantee!


The Rogers Group"These scales couldn't work better, in the coldest winter or the hottest summer. We push hundreds of trucks over the scales every day, with practically no problems. Weights and Measures inspectors come out and check these scales, and in seven years I am not aware of any adjustments needed."

- Ted Powell, Southern Indiana Aggregate Manager for THE ROGERS GROUP

" Just a note to further update you on our 60 ft. 70 ton Hydrostatic "RAMBO" scales."
"We regularly wash out these scales with a fire truck, and have never done anything to them since installing them in 1996 (10 yrs ago) so we knew they were tough! We just didn't know how Damn Tough. Two weeks ago we found out. During a thunder storm our scales took a direct, and I mean "Direct" hit. A truck driver that happened to be driving by to be loaded said he thought "he had met his maker". He also stated that a "fireball" went the entire length of the deck. Although it fried two computers in two separate buildings, the scales never missed a beat. Thanks again for selling us the toughest scales on earth, and if anyone has a hard time believing this just have them call me."                                    


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Low Profile, Pit and Portable

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Emery Winslow Scale Company has been building truck scales since 1896 and Hydrostatic load cells since 1868. Hytronic Technology, a combination of the most advanced hydrostatic and electronic weighing technologies known today, has enabled Emery Winslow Scale to develop a truck scale that can guarantee you the best service and satisfaction available. The Hydrostatic load cells used in every Emery Winslow truck scale come with a Lifetime Guarantee not to fail due to the effects of water, flooding, lightning, welding currents, stray voltages, RFI/EMI, or rodents.

  • Hydrostatic load cells and totalizer outputs are non-electronic and will not drift or change sectional calibrations, drastically reducing calibration cost over the lifetime of the scale
  • NTEP approved
  • Free floating bridge design - reduces end wall headaches
  • 75,000 capacity 304 Stainless Steel non-electronic Hydrostatic load cells
  • Non-electronic Hydrostatic load cells, no electronic apparatus to fail on or under the weighbridge.
  • 10 year load cell warranty against defects in materials and workmanship
  • Totally safe for all explosive areas
  • including Class I Division I, without barriers
  • In-House design/engineering for special applications
  • Development and R&D over 138 years resulting in the best Hydrostatic load cells and truck scale products available today.
  • Special applications - custom fabrication
  • Special paints, sandblasting, galvanizing
  • Capable of shock & vibration
  • Capable of withstanding high/low temperatures
  • Low cost of ownership
Roadweigh II Series 80
Top Access-Low Profile-12" I-Beam Steel Deck
& Concrete Deck Truck


Genesis II Series 90 - Low Profile Concrete Deck Truck Scale

Roadweigh II Quick Clean Axle Series 80
Easy/Quick Removable Decks - Pit Scale
-Top Access-12" I-Beam-Steel Deck-Axle


Genesis II Series 90
Low Profile-10" Concrete Deck Truck Scale


Hyweigh Series 40

Pit Scale-Steel or Concrete Deck


Hyweigh Above Ground Series 40

Above Ground-Concrete/Steel Deck Truck Scale


Portaweigh II Series 50

Portable Steel Deck Truck Scale